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“ Jacob is a true breath of fresh air......special of my favorite musicians  .....

formidable bass skills...rare and wonderful...inspiring and of the most exciting I'd ever experienced."

( Joe Hunt - 4/2/04)

 "...refined tone... fluid... bassist William..." J. Nannen (Jazz Review)
'William is at the heart of these pieces, working with Galipaut to push the music forward. He never overwhelms the soloist and frequently provides a running commentary to complement what they’re doing....compositions (Welcome Steps / Palm Dance / Rishi Ways / Upload Method / Repetition. 57:33. recorded 6/30/08, New Haven, CT.) are usually sharp lines that provide effective set-ups for the improvisations.'
~ Robert Iannapollo (Cadence Magazine)
'...bassist Jacob William is the revelation of the album, since no matter how good his frontline is, his open rhythmic pulse drives them on, slows them down, sets the tone and scene, like a solid and supple backbone that keeps the music focused and coherent. The music itself is slow, bluesy, full of soul, yet also with some middle-eastern tonal inflections, especially on the lengthy "Rishi Ways". "Palm Dance" is a little more rhythmic and possibly the best track on the album.'  
Stef (
'It's an hour of explorations in sound and feeling, with altoist Jim Hobbs and trumpetiste Forbes Graham holding full sway in various interactions with Willam and drummer Croix Galipault.'
~ Greg Edwards (